Michelle de Kip

Michelle de Kip is an attorney specializing in employment law. In her daily practice, she advises international and national employers, as well as employees, on all aspects of employment law.
About Michelle

Michelle is a driven attorney with a passion for Employment Law. She has been practicing within Employment Law since 2014 and joined Blenheim in February 2024. Before being sworn in as an attorney, she worked for several years as an Employment Law lawyer. In doing so, she gained experience on the employee and employer side.

In addition to her work, Michelle was very active with side activities during and after her studies. During her studies, she held various roles at a law clinic. After college, she founded and managed a staff association, served on several Young Bar Association committees and was vice president of the works council.

Michelle studied at the University of Amsterdam, where she completed her Masters in Employment Law and her Masters in Private Law in 2013.

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