Corporate & social responsibility

At Blenheim, we are aware of our role at the heart of society. Where we can contribute, we do so gladly. In the Netherlands we have the luxury of being able to practice the profession we would like to. But this is not the case everywhere in the world. And even in the Netherlands, in some positions you have to fight hard to be able to realize your dream. On this page we list a number of practical examples of how we are working towards a safe corporate culture, better environment and equal opportunities in society. Both nationally and internationally.

Diversity within Blenheim

Blenheim is committed to an inclusive culture. We believe it is important that everyone can be themselves. Only in this way can employees get the best out of themselves.

Blenheim offers a work environment that allows for differences. We value and respect differences between employees and encourage dialogue and collaboration. That’s what makes the work interesting! We believe that different views, cultures, knowledge and experience contribute to creative solutions for our clients.

Sport and health

If you own a factory, you make sure your machines are maintained and constantly updated to keep them running well. At a law firm, you work with people. And even though you can’t compare a machine with a human being, people deserve the same attention. And even more! For example, Blenheim encourages all employees to stay healthy and fit. A group of employees runs every weekend in the Amsterdam forest and we regularly sign up for sporting events. Blenheim also has a regular psychologist who all employees can visit. These conversations are of course confidential and you can always tell him your worries and problems. He also coaches you in the area of your work-life balance.

Sport is also important for society. That is why we sponsor soccer club AFC from Amsterdam. Because we still want to make a link with our profession, we sponsor the clothing of all referees at the club.

Free a girl

Blenheim is a proud sponsor and legal partner of Free a Girl. Worldwide, 2 million children, especially girls, are trapped in a situation of sexual exploitation. They are locked up and exploited in brothels, massage parlors or garage boxes, among other places. Free a Girl works very hard to free these children.

We find it very important to commit ourselves to this charity. In the Netherlands, we have the chance of education and to become what we want. When you have the dream as a child to become a lawyer, this is in many cases achievable. The girls who are rescued by Free a Girl only dare to dream of freedom and that the pain and fear stops. No one deserves to grow up like this. That is why we make a fixed annual contribution to this organization, help promote their activities and give free legal advice.

K.I.D.S. Foundation

Blenheim is a sponsor and legal partner of the K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distress) Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to provide shelter, care and education to street children in Vietnam. They do this by setting up shelters for street children. In this way K.I.D.S. provides a dignified existence, an education and a happy childhood for more than 115 children from the slums of Ho Chi Minh City.

Blenheim has adopted a number of beds in these shelters. With this, we pay an annual sum that guarantees children the space and budget to have a dignified existence. In addition, we help promote their activities and provide free legal advice.

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