European law

European legislation is extensive and far-reaching. There are regulations, treaties, directives, decisions, recommendations and opinions. The fundamental rights of the European Convention on Human Rights are also important. Our specialists in European law advise clients on how to navigate this area of law.

Regulations and guidelines

Regulations have direct effect and do not need to be implemented into Dutch law. They are therefore directly applicable throughout the EU. An example of this is the much-discussed general data protection regulation (AVG). A directive is different. It is an obligation to achieve certain results, whereby the objective is laid down at European level, but the Member States themselves may lay down the legislation to achieve the objective. A directive only becomes part of the national legislative framework once it has been implemented. Directives relate, for example, to the free movement of workers, social policy, energy, company law, etc. The Dutch government is responsible for ensuring that EU legislation is correctly applied in the Netherlands.

Areas of law and influences under European law

Because of the way in which European law has been implemented, it has a great deal of influence on various Dutch areas of law. Compliance with regulations, or regulatory compliance, is part of our daily work. Our lawyers specialise in particular practice areas. For this reason, you will always get a lawyer that best suits the issue you require advice or expertise on. Blenheim’s lawyers are practice-oriented and apply European law, for example, in the case of takeovers, licences, introduction of new products, CE certification, IP disputes, claims for damages, etc.

Export and trade

It goes without saying that export and trade are of significant importance to the Netherlands and one of its main sources of income. The EU is responsible for almost one fifth of world trade. At the core of good trade relations are good trade treaties. On the basis of EU trade agreements, more sales markets are accessible to Dutch companies and the Netherlands can export products to those areas more cheaply. Blenheim’s lawyers are at your service for advice and procedures on export and trade to and from the European Union.

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