14 December 2023

Reorganization (potentially) imminent? Blenheim is here to assist you!

Category: Employment law

In the recent period, announcements of reorganizations have been on the news frequently. Amongst others Rabobank, Friesland Campina, and Vodafone have announced significant restructurings. However, also in smaller enterprises, reorganizations are in place more often as well. The foregoing is a consequence of recent economic developments and rising prices.

Certainly, reorganization is not the sole way to respond to economic changes. Companies may also implement other cost-saving measures. If, nevertheless, a reorganization is inevitable, it is crucial to consider the applicable statutory regulations and the interests of the employees.

Reorganizations in multiple industries

Last year, we announced in our blog that a wave of reorganizations was initiated within the Tech sector. We also noted then that it was likely not confined to the Tech sector alone. Unfortunately, our prediction has proven accurate. This situation is now applicable to many more sectors. In last year’s blog, we discussed several critical aspects that should be taken into account in the case of reorganization. These remain pertinent in the current situation. For the key topics, we refer you to the blog we previously authored.

Blenheim guides you through a (possible) reorganization

We regularly assist companies in evaluating whether a reorganization is necessary and legally feasible. If the decision is made to proceed with a reorganization, we guide the company through the entire process. If you are considering implementing a reorganization within your organization or have general inquiries on the matter, feel free to contact our labor law team. We would be happy to collaborate with you!